Black Nike Huarache Crystalized SWAROVSKI® Women's Sneakers

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All Black Nike Air Huarache Sneakers are handcrafted carefully with each SWAROVSKI® crystal secured with stretchable, yet permanent glue for the perfect finish!

THESE ARE IN WOMENS SIZES. Please pay attention to the choices you make, you can choose either to have the side or the front crystalized It is recommended that you order a size up as the sneakers run half a size small, it is your responsibility to know this prior to purchasing. It will be assumed that the size you pick is the one that is the correct half a size up . 

 If you would like a certain crystal color that is not listed or a certain shoe size please contact me through the site contact form or email If you also would like the all black with the white Huarache sign please note that in the note section, please note that those are men's Huarache so the size will be different but will be able to fit you properly. 

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